Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Friendship, Birthday's and Shopping

What a wonderful way to celebrate our birthday - we laughed, we shopped, we indulged and than we shopped again.
Teresa and I share the same birthday, so we decided to visit Country on Tamborine which Helen found a few weeks back. I was in Heaven, there was Prim every where I looked.
My Shopping
Don't you just love Tula Mae. Helen found her on her first visit knowing I would just love her. I would have bought everything but I thought I better share and besides Helen's boot wasn't big enough.

Outside Country on Tamborine

Helen, Teresa and Me ( I'm the short little fat one)
We can never keep a straight face

Helen aka Sparrow, Teresa aka Cheeky and Laurel (be careful you might be useful)


helbel19 said...

Yes we did have a great day, loved it, we must do it again soon. The piccies are terrific.

Helen .... the sparrow.

teresa said...

I had the best day - think we should make this an annual birthday treat for ourselves - actually can't wait that long for another fun day out with you guys.