Saturday, 31 December 2011

Our Ragdoll

He's resting up for New Years

Gifts from Family

I have a hubby who stuggles every year to buy me something I really would love. Well, something happened this Christmas because I was very spoilt.

A feet seat where I can rest my legs while stitching instead of using the recliner
Garnier Ultra Lift gift set (that to help fight the wrinkles)
and best of all, a metal Christmas tree ( I love it, it so me) with a $100.00 gift voucher. I was thrilled to bits because I didn't have a clue as to what was in the box.
 Many years ago he gave me some very ugly garden ornaments which I made him take back. Sad, I know and probably mean but they where a waste of money - the funniest thing is the kids still give him a hard time about the ugly ducks he got mum.
Thank you Darling, I love them.

From My Sister
My sister loves eBay and collecting old things. 
For Christmas she gave me the best gift ever, pink depression glass dressing table set.

 It beautiful, with 3 trinket bowls and candle holder and in perfect condition.
Thanks Sis, I love it.

From Rebecca and Matthew
my babies

3 shabby candle holders, and from Matthew's girlfriend Shan, the rose scented candle.
Thanks kids they're perfect!

Friends in Stitching Secret Santa

This year we did our annual Secret Santa with an advent theme in which was 5 gifts to opened leading up to Christmas and a main gift to open on Christmas day. My SS was Leanne and this is what she sent to me.

3 Christmas Ornies (they look good on my tree)
A bundle of fabric (absolutely love the colours)
A little cushion (great for pins)
Gail Pan pattern - Provence ( very nice,  didn't have that one)
Bon-Bon filled with yummy caramels (none left so I can't share)
and for my main gift, Leanne made me a lovely wall hanging.
Thankyou SO much Leanne, I loved everything you sent to me.
My partner was Tracy and this is what I sent to her.
Inside her parcel were
Sewing pins, buttons, notecards, pattern and writing folding
and a sewing bag with matching needlecase.
 Photo's from Tracy's blog
This was my last year with the girls from Friends in Stitching and I will treasure every moment I had with them.

Beautiful Gifts from Friends

From Helen:
This so cute sewing bag, needle case, pin cushion with two flower pins
plus, a folded fabric Christmas tree bauble
and what every girls needs - an ugly fabric ring pincushion.
A bit of a long story but silly Helen made the mistake of giving us all a little piece of the ugly fabric that was left over...hmmmm wonder what I can make from that?

From Teresa:

Handmade quilters's journal and some yummy gingerbread cookies.

From Laurel:

A lovely plate of homemade goodies...all gone!

From Sandi:

A pretty covered 2012 diary and a lovely wallhanging.

From Jan:
Lavender soap petal roses, chocolate and a bottle of Shiraz.
 Saving that for New Year's eve.

Thankyou girls from the bottom of heart...I love each and every one of your gifts.

Christmas with my Stitching Friends

Christmas Party 2011
Helen is first to arrive looking a little like Santa without the suit with Sandi waiting patiently for every else to arrive.
Here we are..already to party!!!!
 Lucy, me, Helen, Teresa, Laurel, Sandi and our lovely Mary. 
Look at us! We are like little kids on Christmas morning
 Lovely gifts were made and received.
Brandy Snaps with berries, delicious...just one of the yummiest treats we had to eat.
It was another wonderful Christmas together and I look forward to catching up with you all in 2012.

A Dolly Kinda Christmas 2011

The first party to kick of Christmas was with the dolly girls who were trying to get their doll 'Many Wishes' finished before they went home.
Norreen working under Helen's watchful eye.
Cheryl and Jean taking a break
Helen tucking into all the lovely food
That's just morning tea...we all went home a little stuffed just like our dollies
Lesley, Noreen, Helen, Cheryl and Jean 
'Many Wishes' girls looking forward to seeing you in 2012 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wishes Do Come True

I have been busy making Wishes Do Come True another cutie designed by Annie Smith.
and I finished her just in time for Christmas. My dolly girls have been making her on Saturday so you will see little Wishes popping up everywhere.

Ornie Swap

Our Friends in Stitching group - had an ornie swap and  I received a lovely Bon-Bon and a gorgeous woollen ornie to hang on my tree. THANKYOU so much Bec 
and this what I gave to Sarah, a pink and red bauble with a chocolate star.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Two Friends and One Block

Hello everyone, this Totti and her friend...
I finished them a couple of week ago for my doll making class. I usually make two dolls at a time and each one will have a little personality of it's own.
 My Patty Cake Block from Some Kind of Wonderful
I was debating whether to machine applique, like I always do as it's quicker but decided to go with needleturn. It's really was a nice change.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Back from the Quilter

My 'In a Pear Tree' quilt has just arrived back from the quilter. The top had been hanging around for sometime as I wanted to have it custom quilted...glad I did it just finishes the quilt. I'm very pleased with the result.

She has quilted leaves on the green and swirls on the blue and echo quilted the pears.
 All that is left is the binding, just in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Christmas Finishes

OMG, I can't believe I have finished!
I joined Chookyblue's Stitch-A-Long to make this little Christmas quilt 'Tis the Season' and I beat the deadline...I'm pretty chuffed about that...not good with deadlines when it come to sewing things for me.
Unless it's a favourtive past time.
Meet Holly, she is another wonderful cutie by Annie Smith 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Sew and Tell

I made these friendly country dolls for the Beaudesert Quilters...they have asked if I would show them how to make a doll but I had to work within a few "we don't want a head that look like thumb" "please, make it a dolly doll". After scratching my head, I decided Annabella would suit most of the ladies...I was right I now have 13 ladies going to make her.
A new Beatrice Bear
I have used gorgeous guipure lace for the hem of her dress...very pretty.
Wait there is more...
 I starting making these little wool bags at camp
so easy to make and very cute...
 as is this little origami bag I made using Lecien's Flower Sugar.
 Love this range.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Off to a new home

I have been busy busy making things of late.
Meet Beatrice who has gone to live with a lovely lady and whole bunch of other bears.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Dream Angel

I had a lazy day yesterday making my Dream Angel, another wonderful doll by Annie Smith.
She has the cutest face and her little outfit is so sweet.
But her wings got a little burnt on landing so I had to make her a new pair. 
A lesson learnt...don't walk away from the microwave when making wings.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Beaudesert Quilters Retreat

Over the weekend I attended the Beaudesert Quilter August Retreat at Mt Tamborine with Helen, Sandi and 30 other fabulous quilters. Every year there is a theme where most of the ladies dress up for Saturday Night and  this year it was Masquerade & Bling.

Let the parade start
My laughing buddies, Helen and Sandi...not much dressing up here...

our gorgeous  Noela and a trio of lovelies
I managed to get my Tis the Season quilt top together while I was there. I must get it quilted before the end of September...Chookyblue's cracking her whip as this Stitch-a-long is coming to an end.
Overall...a great weekend.