Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lifestyle Plus

As most of you know I don't get out much as I work 6 days a week in my patchwork store but I had the opportunity to spend the day with friends Teresa, Helen and Laurel. We had a lovely lunch after visiting a little patchwork shop situated on the headland overlooking beautiful Moreton Bay in Shorncliffe. While at Faeries in My Garden I purchased Garden Secrets kit for my sister, the colours just shouted her name. I know I don't need anymore kits but I will admit I can't help myself.
If I had a cool million plus I would move to Shorncliffe tomorrow - just look at the view from these two homes. Hey girls when are we going????

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teresa said...

Ahhh you've got me dreaming again. Wait till I tell you about the house Laurel and I saw near town!!!! I am going to stop by tomorrow and try and take a photo of it to show you.. ha ha.. Had a great day today.. hope yours went well xx