Saturday, 31 December 2011

Gifts from Family

I have a hubby who stuggles every year to buy me something I really would love. Well, something happened this Christmas because I was very spoilt.

A feet seat where I can rest my legs while stitching instead of using the recliner
Garnier Ultra Lift gift set (that to help fight the wrinkles)
and best of all, a metal Christmas tree ( I love it, it so me) with a $100.00 gift voucher. I was thrilled to bits because I didn't have a clue as to what was in the box.
 Many years ago he gave me some very ugly garden ornaments which I made him take back. Sad, I know and probably mean but they where a waste of money - the funniest thing is the kids still give him a hard time about the ugly ducks he got mum.
Thank you Darling, I love them.

From My Sister
My sister loves eBay and collecting old things. 
For Christmas she gave me the best gift ever, pink depression glass dressing table set.

 It beautiful, with 3 trinket bowls and candle holder and in perfect condition.
Thanks Sis, I love it.

From Rebecca and Matthew
my babies

3 shabby candle holders, and from Matthew's girlfriend Shan, the rose scented candle.
Thanks kids they're perfect!


Lynda said...

So many lovely presents Tereasa - especially love the tree.

Teresa said...

You got some really lovely presents Trees... so happy for you! We now have the same, exact wrought iron tree ha ha!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, see you soon xx

Roseanne said...

You got some very nice presents for your family. Lucky you.